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Who invested the hangers

No one really knows who made the first hanger and what it may have looked like. Some historians speculate that Thomas Jefferson invented the wood clothes hanger for his residence at Monticello. He was certainly a prolific inventor having designed an improved wooden plow, a portable copying press, a revolving Windsor chair and many other ingenious items. So this claim does seem quite plausible. Throughout most of the 18th century clothing either hung on hooks or was laid flat for storage. It was not until around 1850 that people began using hangers to hang clothes in wardrobes. Victorian women's bustles and skirts needed careful storage and hanger inventors and manufacturers came to their aid with all kinds of adjustable components and spring systems to allow the skirts to retain their pleats and hold the waistbands. Hanger improvement did not stop there and all kinds of new designs began to appear such as travel hangers which collapsed and folded and hangers with extra hooks for belts. By the early 1900s the humble hanger had become indispensable and hundreds of patented designs were registered with the US patent office, some of which can be seen in the accompanying illustrations. The most popular and possibly the prototype for every hanger design to come, is the wire hanger, but before the wire hanger, was the coat hook. In 1903, at the Timberlake Wire and Novelty Company in Jackson, Mississippi, the need for more coat hooks inspired a new invention. Albert J. Parkhouse, an employee, decided to solve the problem of too many coats and too few hooks. He took a piece of wire, shaping it into two ovals, and bent the ends to make the shape of a hook. The first standard hanger was brought into the world. Of course the development of clothes hangers has continued to thrive over the last seventy years. Plastic coat hangers are now the most popular for household use. Clothes hangers are such a simple device but are so vital to everyday living. Our society h

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